The following is video footage from actual surgery (at the request of numerous patients), watch at your own risk, some may view this footage as too graphic. This video footage was placed to show you, the patient, what surgery is like, and by no means is meant to scare you.

Mahalo, Ludwig Ophthalmology Centre Staff


Pterygium Surgery

The eye is numbed topically and locally. The eye is held open with a gentle speculum so no need to worry about your eye not being able to stay open. The pterygium is removed, a conjunctival or amniotic autograft placed without suture and a light patch placed on the eye overnight. There is followup the following day and aftercare to be explained which typically entails eye drops for a month or so.




Cataract Surgery

Eye drops are used both pre and post operatively. At surgery, the eye is numbed while you take a nap, so no need to worry about any needles which would scare me also!  The surgery takes approximately 15 minutes, all done while you are awake. The medicines given relax you and all you have to do is lie still as possible and listen to directions (reason why we keep you awake). A light patch is placed over the operative eye overnight and you will be seen the following day and explained how to care for the eye. Typically, eye drops will be used for one month or so.




Laser Iridotomy

Eye drops are used to prepare the eye and reduce the size of the pupil. These drops do sting a bit and can cause a brow or headache.  The eyedrops allow the laser to be done "gently". At the laser, you sit upright and focus on a light allowing your eye to stay still. The procedure takes less than a minute and is typically finished in one session. Some people say they feel a slight stinging sensation, but most don't feel a thing. There is no patch to wear after the laser and there are no restrictions in activities. We do ask you to use eyedrops for one week and for followup as well. 



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