Why is our practice called Ludwig Ophthalmology Centre?

Gerrit R. Ludwig, M.D.,  was born and raised in Hilo. He started his practice of ophthalmology here in Hilo in the 1970’s after schooling in Oregon, internship and general medicine residency in Philadelphia and an ophthalmology residency at TulaneUniversity in Louisiana. Gerrit also served in our United States military, as a physician in the Navy in the 1970’s.

Dr. Ludwig was a man of grace and dignity. I was amazed by his extensive knowledge base. Not only was he a fine physician and ocular surgeon but his love and interests in the arts, architecture, plants, music and surprisingly, animals. This is where we bonded. I am a lover of dogs and so was Gerrit. He shared with me his secret desire to own a chocolate Labrador retriever. Alas, he did not feel he’d be able to give the appropriate attention to a dog as he loved to travel.

Gerrit had a warm heart. He was particular in everything and with whomever he associated himself with. He had the highest standards, morals and acted as a surrogate father to me during the short time we knew each other. We would often spend hours conversing after work about all of his life experiences, people he knew, places he had traveled and books he had read. 

I was not far out of my ophthalmological training when we began to work together and had never done much more than work or study, thus my life experiences were very limited. I’ll never forget, Gerrit telling me… “you have so much living to do Michael”. Gerrit used to call me “PROFESSOR” which I found quite amusing.  Upon his earthly departure in 2003, it was time for me to start my own practice. Out of respect and to forever honor, our friend, Gerrit R. Ludwig, we continued and will continue the practice name, Ludwig Ophthalmology Centre. We miss you Gerrit!

Special thank you to my friends, Doctors Steve Garon and Randy Gerber for this photograph!



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